May 7, 2011

Confusion: Espionage and Deception in the Cold War Now Available for Preorder


Confusion: Espionage and Deception in the Cold War is now available for preorder on the Stronghold games web store. The game can be bought in two different offerings: a non-packaged deal and The Robert Abbott Special, which includes Confusion and Code 777. If you hurry and are one of the first 500 preorders, the game will cost $38.97, which is 35% off the MSRP price of $59.95. If you purchase the Robert Abbott Special, you will get 35% off both titles which is a pretty sweet deal. If you want to know more about Confusion: Espionage and Deception in the Cold War, check out Jeremy Salinas' (Drakkenstrike) Components Breakdown Video Review in HD at the bottom of the post. Jeremy does a great job of breaking the game down into its components, mechanics, and then gives his thoughts on it.

Also, if you are a Survive: Escape from Atlantis fan, Stronghold will not disappoint you as well. They have also announced that they will be taking orders on the 5-6 player mini-expansion and the Giant-Squid mini-expansion is also back in stock. However please note, that any orders made in conjunction with a Confusion preorder, then the order will not be shipped until early June, according to the site.

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May 6, 2011

MTG: New Phyrexia Prerelease Events and Free Comic Book Day Tomorrow!


Nerds and Geeks rejoice! Tomorrow is a great day for all of us. Not only is it Free Comic Book Day but gaming stores all over the world will be holding New Phyrexia prerelease events giving us TCG fans a look at the new set a week before the decks go on sale. In addition, players will receive the exclusive Sheoldred, Whispering One promo card (while supplies last) just for experiencing the latest Wizards of the Coast offering. If you can, I suggest you attempt to attend one of the larger regional events which will offer additional attractions such as single-card dealers, artist signings, and Magic game celebrities. Please note that the attractions will vary upon each location so check the Regional Prerelease Schedule for any available regional events near you.

For more information regarding Free Comic Book Day, head over to the official website at

For more information about what New Phyrexia Prerelease events are happening near you and additional information about the events, visit Wizards of the Coast information page - New Phyrexia Prerelease


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May 5, 2011

Classic States of Siege(TM) Bundle Sale


Victory Point Games (VPG) is offering a States of Siege bundle that contains 3 of their classic games and an expansion for each. The bundle includes Israeli Independence, Soviet Dawn, and Levée en Masse (English) along with their respective expansions. This is a fantastic bundle for history, solitaire, or wargaming buffs. VPG has taken 3 of their most successful solitaire titles and put them in one sweet package and at a sweet price. Head over to the VPG website for more information and to place an order on this great deal before it's too late!

At Victory Point Games

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May 3, 2011

Z-Man Games Newsletter Issue 29 Available


The latest issue of the Z-Man Games newsletter has been released and can be found on their website (Z-Man Games). The newsletter gives us insight into three of their upcoming titles: Mondo, Palenque, and Guards! Guards! which is a game based off Sir Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels. Read on for more information about these great upcoming titles!

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May 2, 2011

April 2011 Monthly Round Up for Critical Gamers


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May 1, 2011

Victory Point Games Releases Disaster on K2!


From Victory Point Games -

Adventure above 8000m!

From designer Tom Decker comes the next challenge - Climbing and conquering to survive the Disaster on K2! As an internationally renowned expedition leader, you are anxious to gain prestige by leading a group of high profile climbers from your country to the top of the most difficult peak in the world, K2. While some of the climbers have been selected for their climbing abilities, others have been assigned to your team for various political reasons.

Certainly if you can accomplish this feat, your name will go down as one of the greatest expedition leaders of all time and your fame and fortune will be assured.

Play solitaire or compete against another player to lead your climbers to the summit of K2 and back down safely. Or take on the challenge of climbing both Everest and K2 in the campaign game by adding VPG's Disaster on Everest.

At Disaster on K2

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April 30, 2011

Dragon Age RPG Set 2 Available from Green Ronin


Don't be put off by this RPG series, even though it is based off a video game from giant developer Bioware, as it has been dubbed one of the best introduction RPGs in the last 30 years and was nominated for Best Game and Product of the Year in the 2010 ENnie Awards. Dragon Age Set 1 was released in 2009 and set players on their path from levels 1-5. Set 2 continues the players journeys and advances them from levels 6-10. It includes instructions for playing the legendary Grey Wardens, a new mechanic of roleplaying and exploration stunts, 40 new spells, additional world info and character backgrounds, and the expansion of specializations to include arcane warrior, berserker, and assassin.

Dragon Age Set 2 is currently available only as a pdf [Green Ronin |] or can be pre-ordered as a box set which will include an 80-page Player's Guide and an 80-page Game Master's Guide, two different heavy reference cards (with multiple copies of each to share around the table), and a poster map of the world of Thedas [Amazon | Green Ronin].

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April 28, 2011

Days of Wonder Announces Small World Underground


Well, would you look at that. If it wasn't about 3 hours after making my post about the possible upcoming Small World expansion that Days of Wonder announced Underground, a stand-alone addition to the lineup. Designed by original Small World author, Philippe Keyaerts, it boasts a slew of new races, featured in our previous post, new powers, and features neutral monsters that guard relics and occupy places of power on the board. If the name didn't give it away already, Underground will take players to subterranean locations with all new terrain types and geographical obstacles. The expansion can be played by itself or combined with the original game/expansions for greater depth and complexity. Look for Small World Underground in stores in July for North America and June for Europe and will retail for $50 or €45.

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Twilight of the Dragons Announced by Cryptozoic


The fifteenth expansion for the World of Warcraft trading card game has been announced by Cryptozoic, called Twilight of the Dragons. In this third and final of the Worldbreaker set, Deathwing returns to Azeroth. In their plans for destruction of everything the Alliance and Horde hold so dear, He and Lady Sinestra release the Twilight and Black dragonflight who grow more powerful with death and sacrifice.

Twilight of the Dragons will include 80 common, 50 uncommon, 20 hero, 60 rare, 10 epic and 3 new Loot cards including a new flying mount. Cryptozoic will continue the premium Epic Collection offering which will include -

  • 6 Twilight of the Dragons Booster Packs
  • 1 Twilight of the Dragons Playmat and Deckbox
  • Collectible storage box with class dividers
  • 1 Loot card
  • Twilight of the Dragonsvisual pocket guide
  • 5 random foil Twilight of the Dragons heroes
Which means that you are guaranteed a pet loot card if you purchase the Epic Collection. Look for Twilight of the Dragons to be released to stores on July 26th.


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New Small World Expansion in the Works?

For the last 10 days, Days of Wonder has been posting a new Small World style race daily, on their blog and RSS feeds. As far as we are aware, no official release announcement has been made thus far. It is pretty obvious to us and most other gamers who see the posts that a new Small World expansion must be in the works. I have attached the latest pictures they have released for you to judge for yourself. I'm really digging the Shadow Mimes and the Iron Dwarves.

ArrowContinue reading: "New Small World Expansion in the Works?"

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