November 27, 2007

World of Warcraft TCG: March of the Legion

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The next WoW TCG set was released over the weekend, and with it come some new keywords and new rules. Yes, just over a year after the original Heroes of Azeroth set release we finally see not just a injection of new content, but new mechanics which should add another level of interesting complexity to deck-building, and should make the gameplay a bit more dynamic than it was before.

This is definitely a good thing, because we started to get concerned that game might have stagnated otherwise. However, as of now these new rules are divided on faction lines of the new Blood Elf Scryer order versus the Aldor consisting entirely of Draenei (though these sides are neutral so Blood Elves could appear in Alliance decks and vice versa). Our concern is that these new gameplay elements will never mix, which could limit the gameiness of deck building more than it would have otherwise. We'll have more of our thoughts in a review once we've been able to put the set through its paces.

Read on for a description of the new rules, and links to every official March of the Legion feature article:

  1. Reputation:: In the March of the Legion expansion set there some a group of allies who follow one of two Orders, either the Scryers or the Aldor. When constructing decks you must chose which affiliation your hero has sworn allegiance to, and you may not stack your deck with the any cards of the other Order, so chose and construct your deck wisely.

    The Lore: In the World of Warcraft history these two orders are locked in feud for control of capital city of Shattarath in Outland (the floating continent that exists through the Dark Portal ). The more ruthless ranks of Scryers are filled with Blood Elves (Horde) who defected from the demonic army of 'bad guys' in Outland. Also fighting against the Burning Legion of demons are the Aldor. Though when outside Shattarath these two factions share the common goal of defeating the demonic plague, the two sides struggle against each other inside the city walls, as the fight for the favor of the leader of Shattrath City.. If that's not enough for you then know this: the leader of this city is a Naaru - a race if interdimensional alien crystal life form - who want to see the destruction of the Burning Legion once and for all.. You heard us, a giant shimmering magic rock. You can learn more about the Scryers and the Aldor on [Aldor, Scryer].

  2. Keyword Sabotage: Scryer based, and therefore Horde based, cards with the Sabotage keyword can intiiate a non-damaging combat against another card. The target of the sabotage depends on the saboteur's special ability. Some can target allies, others resources, abilities, weapons or equipment. If the sabotage goes through then the card's resolution text activates, meaning either the resource/ability/armor is destroyed, exhausted, or it's put on top of the owners deck. Each ally with sabotage does something a little different, and targets a particular type of card. A complete list of allies with Sabotage can be found here on the WoW TCG DB.

    Players and allies can use the Protector ability to stop a sabotage from occurring. In this case the Saboteur and the Protector engage in combat and normal combat damage is assigned.

  3. Keyword Inspire: This one is even easier to explain, but even more powerful. For every card you have in play with the Inspire keyword you may ready a card you control during every other player's ready step. Each Inspiring Aldor ally lists the type of card they may ready, so don't think you'll have some godly arm swinging down every turn and untapping some crazy ally power, or untapping your weapon of choice. A complete list of cards with the Inspire keyword can be found here on the WoW TCG DB

Each of the rules are officially detailed in the March of the Legion FAQ hosted by Upper Deck Entertainment. The FAQ also includes details on some of the specific rulings of the new cards. For a full list of the 319 cards in the set you should checkout the WoW TCG DB March of the Legion page.

Also for your reading pleasure Upper Deck has released a strong lineup of March of the Legion preview articles:

  1. March of the Legion Preview: Whose Side Are You On?
  2. March of the Legion Preview: Bring the Pain
  3. March of the Legion Preview: The Loot
  4. March of the Legion Preview: Swipe
  5. March of the Legion Preview: Blinky
  6. March of the Legion Preview: Portal
  7. March of the Legion Preview: Sanctity Aura
  8. March of the Legion Preview: Holy Nova
  9. March of the Legion Preview: Unfair Advantage
  10. March of the Legion Preview: Reincarnation
  11. March of the Legion Preview: Thulthun
  12. March of the Legion Preview: Piercing Howl
  13. March of the Legion Preview: Saints & Sinners
  14. March of the Legion Preview: Inspire & Sabotage
  15. March of the Legion Preview: Questing Against the Legion

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