February 16, 2007

World of Warcraft TCG Molten Core Raid Preview Pt 3

World of Warcraft TCG: Molten Core

The WoW TCG Molten Core Raid Deck has been released, and is now available from Shopzilla and Funagain Games.

Over the last two weeks we've gone over some of the lesser bosses and trash mobs who inhabit the fiery underworld of Wold of Warcraft known as The Molten Core. Our goal: to get any non World of Warcraft MMORPG players in the know before they dive into the upcoming Molten Core Raid Deck for the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game that we all know and love.

So far inside the Molten Core we've seen living flames, giant dogs, magma men and maybe a giant flamewalking salamander or two. This week we finish off the list and get to the final Lord of Fire himself: the magma giant Ragnaros, a guy just found out there is no topical cream for what burns, and he's looking to work out his pissiness on something roughly the size of your face. This guy could melt the paint off your house and given your family a permanent orange afro.

So you, there in the back with the fake tan, yeah: you might want to educate yourself on what Rag might toss your way in the Molten Core TCG Raid Deck before you get all cocky, flipping your collar up and trying to generally hip. A glass of seltzer water isn't going to kill this guy, so listen up.

Anyway, where were we? Ah yes. Chapter the first:

We start off the day with another wyrm of doom, and of course being further down the list he's the most dangerous one so far. Shazzrah does two major things to ruin your day. First he loves to do an Arcane Blast in a radius around his.. feet-things, blasting people for about 1/3 of their health. Most raid groups tend to have a tank deal with him up front, and everyone else form a circle around to stay back as far as possible. The trick in his second act: He loves to teleport himself to the feet of anyone in the raid group, thus pouncing on softy cushy types and blasting them to hell.

Raid Deck Notes: Expect Shazzrah's to be avoid any protectors, and on attack he'll blast the entire party with gobs of damage. Your best bet is to have someone exhaust his wormy butt ahead of time.
Golemagg Loves KittensGolemagg the Incinerator A giant molten destroyer with two pet core hounds flanking him on either side. This is a pretty straight forward tank and spank fight, with the only twist that his corehounds simply refuse to die until their master does. Also Golemagg has tantrum issues and throws a fit when he's heavily wounded, hitting for more and more damage, and punting the heads off anyone at his feet with both physical damage and fire damage.
Raid Deck Notes: : Best you keep your protectors untapped to deal with a pair of invincible magma pooches. Also, have your hunter ready to do some long distance damage. Alternatively have your Mage stockpiling cards to do burst damage in the late game, bringing 'maggy down before he goes coo-coo for cocoa puffs.

The next two bosses are actually both flamewalkers, and both are wusses: they're only dangerous because they're flanked by a group of Priests healing their butts. Usually raids deal with this problem by pulling the priests away one by one to dispatch them in the alley around the corner. Then the entire raid moves in on Sulfuron for the kill. Once alone Sulfuron's major weapon is that he can nearly double his attack speed, and also demoralize shout the entire raid. Still, that's not too bad, no?
Raid Deck Notes: Expect an entourage of allies with healing abilities. Also we wouldn't be surprised if Sulfuron gets to attack twice per turn, and a pretty beefy demoralizing shout ability to tag anyone with a weapon in their hands. Casters for the win!

Majordomo Likes Friends Majordomo Executus
Majordomo is actually Ragnaros' right hand man, but f we were to cast Majordomo in a movie, we'd pick a sweaty fat man in a horrible brown suit. In the story of the Molten Core, it's not your raid's task to kill this jerk of a beasty. Instead you play Uncle! with him until he promises to summon Ragnaros from a sacred flaming pool of lava.. 'cause it's not like you can just dive in and take him on yourself. The trick to this fight is to kill off all of Majardomor's supporting cast, which is full of heavy hitting warrior types and healing priesty types. Once his entourage is dead Majordomo will give up like the punk he is.
This is the second to last fight of the raid, so there is a catch of course. Majordomo loves to screw with the raid, teleporting one random person into the center of a ritualistic circle, which fills the unlucky soul with gobs of shadow damage until they jump out. It hurts a ton, it happens in a flash, and more often than not it happens to person you most wish it wouldn't. (no, not your mom..)
Once defeated Majordomo is subjugated he will waken Ragnaros from a giant fiery pit. And immediately Ragnaros smites him for such insolence. This is when things get tricky.
Raid Deck Notes: Expect another entourage, but mixed with heavy hitting warriors this time. Also expect to lose a lot of allies and friends to the circle of doom, which will certainly fry 'em for a few hit points and potentially exhaust them for good measure.

Ragnaros AnGry!Ragnaros
This fight will make Onyxia seem like a push over. Ragnaros has a bag full of tricks fatter than Santa's sack, and he has a hammer the size of a bus beating on whoever draws aggro. This fight needs masive coordination and massive DPS to win.

The minor things to look out for include his Lava Spash ability that hits anyone standing near a lava flow, which will probably hurt as much as Onyxia's Lava Cracks ability. He also has a special knack for melting weapons, so you might want to stack your deck with one extra.

But that's the easy stuff. Now for the more painful. First up is the Wrath of Ragnaros which occurs every 25 seconds (probably 10-15 times a fight) where Rag makes a broad swing with giant mace, tossing everyone within melee range (except the main tank) high into the air. Chances are those folks high in the air are going to come down into a bubbling pool of laval, too. Not only are the out of the game for a bit, but they take fire damage for the fun of it.

Then every twenty seconds Ragnaros slams down his Hammer of Ragnaros upon a random caster, squishing them nicely and tossing everyone around that person into the air.

Rounding out the timed abilities is the biggest pain of them all. Every three minutes (and hopefully only once in the fight) Rag summons eight fire elementals called his Sons of Flame, and then Rag submerges under the surface of his pool for 90 seconds. Your group has to stop everything and bring these guys down FAST. Rag pops up in 90 seconds, or when you dispatch all 8 sons, whichever comes first. And trust us, you don't want to be dealing with both threats at the same time.

If that's not enough then Ragnaros also likes to curse whoever he's most pissed at, with a nice Elemental Fire ability that does 4800 damage over 8 seconds, or about 4/5 a warrior's health. Ever worse, if the main warrior tank loses aggro with Ragnaros, then Rag throws a tantrum and casts Magma Blast on everyone which pretty much kills the entire raid in seconds.
Raid Deck Notes: We assume Magma Blast won't make the final deck, or at least be altered/nerfed for gameplay reasons. Warriors should bring along a couple of extra weapons in case Mag melts them to the hilt. Priests should toss out Shadowform and get tons of heals ready. Everyone else should stack your deck with extra DOTs to stick on Rag in case he submerges out of attack range, and burst damage cards to dealing with his Sons in short order. Also, we'd expect Protectors will die with one shot, so you might want to bring a few extra fodder allies to keep the heroes of your raid alive and kicking.

Well we hope you've enjoyed our little foray into the Molten Core, and found that the details of our speculatively bosses and abilities were informative. We'll be back with more specific iinfo on the WoW TCG Molten Core Raid Deck when Upper Deck opens the lid in the next few weeks (the raid deck is scheduled to ship in March) Until then, Pray that The Dark Portal Expansion has fire resist gear, because you're really gonna need it.

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